The incredible presentation of this award-standard gold bullion, weighing 1.6075 troy ounces (50 grams), is only improved by it’s traditional dimensions and significant in-hand tactile feel. Satisfying to wield, and an overstatement of opulence, a gold allocation in cast-bar form of quality standard at 9999 purity.



Graduating from the standard scale, this prevalent gold bullion takes its rectangular appearance and sets the standard for gold bars. It’s an investors staples of gold wealth proposition, and fundamental in the trade portfolio of every gold broker, investor and those looking to keep quality gold for SMSF intentions. This bullion is proportionate in dimensions to the rule of thirds and is 3.2cms × 1.8cms, and a depth of 0.35 cms.

Additional information

Weight 0.0455718584 kg
Dimensions 3.2 × 1.8 × 0.35 cm