This larger sized bullion comes at an impressive benchmark of of 500grams and is a steady investment companion. This gold bar is a symbol of an investor’s decision resolve, weighing in at 500grams, and sporting the dimensions 7.95 × 4.1 × 0.85cm. It’s easy to imagine flexibility when trading gold of this calibre, and amidst the investor’s other portfolio items, the 500gram solitaire-shaped issue stands assertively ahead of the rest.



500grams of pure 9999 titration gold cast bullion is a formidable acquisition and investment into gold during times of economic uncertainty. This impressive piece of gold comes in at 7.95cm x 4.1 cms and is a depth of .85cms, and is deceptively weighty, and tangibly satisfying to hold, making it a strong contender for serious investor, who needs impressive and movable stock, that can be bought and sold with confidence, helping you operate effectively amidst managing a gold investment portfolio.

Additional information

Weight 0.455718584 kg
Dimensions 7.95 × 4.1 × 0.85 cm